Using the Multi-Monitor Function in AmberPOS

You can enable the use of dual monitors for AmberPOS to display the POS screen for the clerk on one monitor and a transaction details screen (and optional advertisement) on the second monitor for the customer.

**Note** Before you setup the dual screen function in AmberPOS, first ensure you have two monitors plugged into your computer and that both monitors are properly functioning simultaneously.

To enable dual monitors in AmberPOS:

1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Setup Menu.

2. Setup Menu overview:


      Step 1: Navigate to the Setup Menu from the top navigation menu.

      Step 2: Click the Stores tab.

      Step 3: Click the Others tab under the store menu.

      Step 4: Click the check box next to switch 004.

      Step 5: Finally click the Save Store button.


Restart AmberPOS for the changes to take effect.


3. Login to AmberPOS and access the POS Screen.


During a transaction, your monitor on the clerk's end will display your end of transaction. The second monitor will face the customer and display the transaction information (and optional advertisement) intended for a customer making a purchase.



Article written with AmberPOS version



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