Changing the Information Section at the AmberPOS Homescreen

1. Login to AmberPOS and on the left side of the homescreen you will find the Information section. This can be changed to show whatever content you like.



2. To change the information, first double right click on the AmberPOS icon in the top right corner of the homescreen.



3. This will open windows explorer and direct you to the installation folder for AmberPOS. In this folder, scroll down until you see the HomeQuickLinks Text Document. Double click on this document to open it.



4. Overview of the text document:


The first line in the text document will be used as an example and is shown below: is the name displayed on the AmberPOS homescreen for the hyperlink, and is the actual link that will redirect the user to the specified website. These two functions are separated by a single space.


Alternatively, if you would like to link software or programs in windows, simply do the same except after the space you copy and paste the path to the program/software's directory in quotations. You must end the file path with the .exe file.

The example shown is:

Calculator "C:\windows/system32/calc.exe"

Calculator is the name designated to appear in Amberpos, and after the space, the file path for the calculator is pasted in quotations.


5. After your changes are made, Save the document and restart AmberPOS.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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