Magnifying Glass Quick Search Feature

1. The latest versions of AmberPOS now have a magnifying glass feature beside most Quick Add Item search fields (e.g. purchase orders), and selecting the magnifying glass will allow you to quickly access your full list of SKUs for more advanced SKU options.



2. Overview of the magnifying glass screen:


     Step 1: Select the SKU to edit and add.

     Step 2: After the SKU is selected, detailed editing options will be available below, simply click on an option to edit the value.

     Step 3: Select the green Add Item(s) option near the bottom right corner of the page to complete the SKU addition.


3. A second option is the Select button.


     Step 1: Select the SKU from your list of SKUs.

     Step 2: Click the Select option to add it to your purchase order, etc. 



 Article written with AmberPOS version


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