Manual HST to GST and PST Tax Switch Over Guide (British Columbia Users Only)

To manually change from HST to GST and PST:

 (Tax switch over should be done after you close on March 31st and before opening your store on April 1st.)

1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Setup menu.


2. Overview of Setup menu:


      Step 1: Select the Stores tab.

      Step 2: In the bottom half of the screen, select the General tab.


3. Change the name of Tax 1 from "HST" to "GST" and change the rate to 5%


On the bottom right of the screen you will see the tax options that will show your local BC HST Tax.


4. Then put a check mark on Tax 2 to enable PST and add 7% in the rate box. 



5. If Tax 3 (HST Rebate) is checked on, please remove the check mark to disable the HST Rebate.


6. Then click on the Save Store button on the bottom half of the screen.



**Note** the Tax 1 and Tax 2 information is saved per store, for each of your British Columbia locations you will have to apply these settings


7. Select the More option.


8. Once you've changed the tax rates to PST and GST, select which items are taxable by hitting the Sku Taxable option. **This option will only be available on AmberPOS Version **



9. In this menu, you can select the SKUs that are GST taxable. Any item that is not checked will not have PST applied. For example, children's clothing or perishable food items.



**Whenever you apply the SKU Taxable information from this window, this will apply that information to all stores.**

Article written with AmberPOS version


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