Updating your Credit Card Information for AmberPOS Monthly Telephone Techsupport.

To update your credit card information for the Monthly AmberPOS Tech Support fees, you first need to go to http://www.amberpos.com and Login to the Credit Card update portal.




If you already have an account you can Login right away, but if you have never logged in before then you need to register first.


When registering, you need to enter the same email address that you used during the initial purchase of AmberPOS.



1. Once registered, Sign In to the Portal.



2. First Click on Orders 



Second, select Recurring Order Summary and then View Details.



3. Then Click on Recurring Payment Information.



4. Update your Credit Card information and click Save Information and your done. 


From now on all future AmberPOS Telephone Support charges will be billed to the new Credit Card.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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