Resolving Total Rounding Issue In The Payment Tab

*Note* This article was made with Windows 7.


If your AmberPOS system is experiencing rounding errors at the point of sale screen, then the problem may be related to the number of digits after the decimal recognized by Windows. As shown in the image below, the price is $1.77 but is rounded down to $2.00. 



To correct this, you must change the setting in Windows.To navigate to the setting:


1. You must first access your date and time settings:


      Step 1: Left-click on the clock in the bottom right corner of your desktop screen in Windows.

      Step 2: Select the Change date and time settings... option.


2. Select the Change date and time... option in the next window. 




3. Select Change calendar settings.




4. Now you must change the number of digits after decimal recognized by Windows:


      Step 1: Select the Numbers tab.

      Step 2: Locate the No. of digits after decimal option, and select 2 from the drop down menu. 



5. You must restart AmberPOS for the changes to take effect.


Your AmberPOS number rounding issue should now be corrected. 



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