Pricing by Attribute

Price Rules are ideal for creating different pricing circumstances at the transaction screen for your inventory items.  If you prefer to create price levels by typing the sale value into an attribute field then you can do this by creating the attribute:

Base Special Price



The price populating this attribute field change the price of the sku at the transaction screen as long as this value remains in the field.



If want to end the price level, clear the attribute field for the sku.  You can also create an attribute that works the same, though applies the price based on specified customer types.



 Replace [CustomerType] with the name of the customer type that you want to be affected by the rule.  

Eg. Employee_Price, Wholesale Customer_Price




Test to make sure it works by selecting a customer with that customer type at the transaction screen and then add the sku.  You can make multiple attributes to assign to different customer types.


You can also import to populate values to the skus field.  Follow the guide HERE to see how to import attributes.


 Article written with AmberPOS version



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