Reprint Select Printer

Printer Setup can be done to enable the cashier to choose which printer they want to print to at the end of the transaction.  This can be useful to specify different printers to print based on the payment type or type of customer or items purchased.  First navigate to 1.png and select which printers you want to be available to select from for each type of transaction printing instance.




Next you will navigate to 3.PNG and select the 4.PNG tab to find the software switches.  Look for switch 026 titled, "Reprint Select Printer".  Enable this switch and click on 11.PNG to make sure this switch is saved as enabled. 




 Close and reopen the AmberPOS software.  Once restarted go to the transaction screen by clicking on the 6.PNG button.  At the transaction screen find and disable the 8.PNG switch.  Disabling this switch prevents the receipt from printing on its own to both printers after the transaction is complete.  




 The next time a transaction is completed notice that the receipt won't print on its own, though at the post transaction details menu there is an option that can be chosen to prompt the receipt to print.




 When the 12.png button is pressed the cashier will be presented with the options to choose which printer that they want the receipt to print to.




The choice of printers and the prompt to not print a receipt on its own will have to be enabled on each till individually.  You only have to enable the store settings of switch 026 once. 


Article written with AmberPOS version


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