How to Start TeamViewer

If TeamViewer is not already installed click HERE to go to an article with instructions on how to properly install and configure TeamViewer.


First before starting TeamViewer, you want to check if it is already running.

1. On the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen, in the same area as the time displays, you should see a little white arrow that points up. Click this arrow and a box with some icons will show up.

One of them should be the TeamViewer icon. It will be a little blue square with a white circle in the middle, and a blue arrow pointing left and right.



2. You can hover over the icon with your mouse to display the TeamViewer ID of the computer.


To close TeamViewer you can also right-click on the same icon and select the option Exit TeamViewer from the dropdown menu.



3. Or you can double-click the icon to bring up the TeamViewer window which also displays the ID.


If TeamViewer is not already running or you need to restart TeamViewer after closing it do one of the following.

Look for this icon on the desktop of the computer and double-click on it (your version of TeamViewer may say TeamViewer 8, 9, 0r 10 depending on the version).


It should then display this window:




2. If the icon is not on the desktop go to the Windows Start menu and type in TeamViewer. TeamViewer should display in the list of search results and you can click on it there.

Once you click on the program in the list it should also display the Window just above with the 9 digit TeamViewer ID.





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