Creating and Using a Coupon SKU

A coupon SKU is any SKU with the word 'COUPON' at the front of it (for example: COUPON1). The function of a coupon SKU when entered into a sale, is to subtract a certain amount from the total of the sale.


Creating a Coupon SKU:

Step 1: In the New SKU box type in the name of the coupon SKU (for example COUPON123). Then select the create new SKU button.


Step 2: Enter the coupons information like you would for any SKU. You still need to choose a Vendor and a Department, and you may also want to check off the QOH=0 checkbox to prevent the coupon from tracking inventory.

The regular sell price of the coupon is the amount you want it to discount in the sale.

You may also want to uncheck and remove tax from the coupon.



Adding Dimensions to a Coupon

This is useful if a client has a lot of coupons they want to utilize and don't want to make a new SKU for each one. They can set them up as dimensions and then when they enter the coupon into POS it will come up with a dropdown asking them to select which coupon they want to use.

Keep in mind the coupon can only have one description so the only way to track which coupon was used would be by looking up the dimensional code for the coupon.

Step 1: Select the dimension group to add to the coupon as you would for any normal SKU, and select the particular dimensions also.



Step 2: You can also set up dimensional pricing to affect the coupon SKU the same as you would any other dimensional SKU. To view instructions on how to set up pricing rules click here.



Using the Coupon in a Sale

Step 1: Enter the coupon SKU into the sale like you would any other item.


You can see it will automatically enter it as a negative qty so it will subtract the dollar value of the coupon from the sale.


Coupon With Dimensions

Step 1: Enter the SKU of the coupon into the sale and hit enter. It will come up with a dropdown asking you to select the wanted dimension.


When entered into the sale it will look like this: ***For this example I have entered two dimensions so you can also see how the dimensional pricing functions.***



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