HTML Suffix\Prefix Attribute for Upload to BigCommerce - Product Number

This function is used to add a prefix or a suffix to the HTML description of an item on BigCommerce.


Step 1: Access the attribute setup menu in AmberPOS, by logging in and going to Setup>General Settings>Attributes, and choosing SKU attributes.



Step 2: Create a new attribute called HTML Suffix or HTML Prefix and choose CheckBoxes for its format. It will look like this:



Step 3: Select the Preload Options button. This is how you will select which informational fields you have the option of displaying.




Step 4: In the above window, enter the Name  for a field you want to pull. For example, in the Alias box enter the name of that option. In this case Product Number.

Then in the CheckBox Description box enter the code <p>[ProductNumber]</p> to pull the Product Number. Click the save button at the bottom of the window.

***As of AmberPOS Version you can now show Attributes in the HTML Suffix\Prefix as well. You will need to put in <p>[Attribute_Disclaimer]</p> instead of the [ProductNumber]. To use your own attribute please change the name of the Disclaimer attribute to the real name of your attribute in AmberPOS. You can also put in multiple attributes as well <p>[Attribute_Disclaimer][Attribute_ExpiryDate]</p> ***


To add another new option, select the add new option at the bottom of the window. This will create a new blank option for you to fill in.

It should look like this:



Step 5: It is also possible to add generic information using this feature. For example, if you offer a 5 year warranty on some of my products, you can create an option for this.

In the Alias box type the name of the option. This will not display on the web and is only for your reference.

In the CheckBox Description box type in the text you want to display. For example, for the 5 year warranty, you can type in something like “5 Year Product Warranty – Manufacturer Only”. Then click save at the bottom of the window.



Step 6: To actually have these fields appear on the web, we need to go under the individual item and select which of these we want to have display.

To have one of these fields display check the appropriate checkbox for the field under Inventory>SKU>Info in the attribute field. Then select save to save your changes.


Step 7: In this case if you have both of your created fields checked here is how they display in the individual upload form and on the web:




****PRODUCT NUMBER and ATTRIBUTES are the ONLY fields that can be uploaded to your webitem at this time.****




Updating HTML Suffix Via SKU Import

It is possible to update this attribute for existing items by doing a SKU import.


Step1: Make sure the Excel spreadsheet is formatted in one of the following ways:

A - If you have multiple fields to update each field must have a semi-colon in between it and the next field. For example Product #;Warranty.

B - If you have one field simply enter the name of that field into its own column.


Follow the steps located in this article to import the file: Importing Images and Attributes with Excel

 Article Written with AmberPOS Version


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