How to manually link BigCommerce orders in AmberPOS

If an online order is being difficult to import you may want to consider creating the order manually in AmberPOS and then linking the transactions together.


1. Ensure that you are logged into the webstore in AmberPOS.


2. Find the order that you are looking to replicate in AmberPOS under the Web Store Management window.



3. Create an invoice with the exact same items, prices, taxpayment type, and customer and complete the transaction as you normally would.



4. Open the "Recall Transactions" window and select the invoice you created. Click the "More.." button and select "Edit Internal Notes"


5. Enter the following but replace "X" with your BigCommerce Order ID: LinkBigCommerceX

Press "Make Changes"


note: the syntax is as follows: LinkBigCommerceX


The order should also be invoiced when you check the "Web Store Management" window. You will see the invoice number of the transaction you created in the "Invoice Number" field (You may need to scroll to the right to find this column).




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