AmberPOS - BigCommerce Pending Quantity on Hand

AmberPOS synchronizes quantity with BigCommerce through a separate database we have setup on your server computer called the Local Copy (LC for short) database. This LC database has a copy of all your products, customers, and order information that we can pull from their API.


When orders get created on BigCommerce, we download the order into the LC database, and then adjust the quantity we upload, as if you already put the products on the order.
Once you import the order, it will reflect that change in AmberPOS's quantity, and sales.

Here is an example assuming normal operations:

Events AmberPOS Quantity LC Quantity BigCommerce Quantity
Initial Quantities. 5 5 5
Order created on BigCommerce for 1 quantity. 5 5 4
LC database downloads the order, and adjusts the quantity before it uploads it back to BigCommerce. 5 5 (-1) = 4 4
Order gets imported into AmberPOS as an invoice, LC no longer adjusts quantity. 4 4 4

However, if an unimported order has any of the following statuses on BigCommerce, it will be ignored from adjusting quantity in step 3.

  • Refunded
  • Cancelled
  • Declined
  • RefundedFullOffline
  • RefundedPartialOffline
  • Error
  • DeclinedFixed

These orders can either be left as unimported, or if you want to record that you did process the sale, but cancelled/returned the order, you can import the order, and void it afterwards.





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