Chase Paymentech ICT250: ECR Pinpad Error after terminal update

Try a Reboot of the pin pad first if the IP is already set but no communication is working.

Occasionally Chase Paymentech sends out updates which changes the terminal's IP settings to Dynamic. This causes issues with communication between AmberPOS and the terminal. Follow the steps below to change the pinpad IP Address back to a Static IP.



1:  Enter the Admin Menu by pressing the Pound (#) key on the pinpad. 

After pressing the pound key you may be greeted by the "Enter Manager Password" prompt. The default password is CPS2468. To enter a letter, press the corresponding number key and then the F key to cycle through the letters(Hit 7 and then the F key to get a 'P').


2: The select option 3, "Setup Menu".

(You can either press the numbers on the keypad or use the up and down arrows and green select key to choose these options.)

When entering the Setup Menu you may receive another "Enter Manager Password" prompt.



3: From the Setup Menu choose option 2, "Communications".



4: Then option 3, "Ethernet".



5: Now choose option 2, "Ethernet Setup".



6: From here select option two to enable a Static IP on the pinpad.


7: Once you have reached the Static IP menu, hit the red cancel button on the pinpad, until the picture below shows up, and then continue hitting the red button until the terminal starts rebooting.


8: Attempt to send a payment amount from AmberPOS to the terminal. On the terminal, if it prompts you to swipe/insert your card, it works and you can cancel the transaction.

If you don't receive a prompt please contact support for additional assistance.


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