What does AmberPOS control on BigCommerce?

This article is going to outline what fields you can change on BigCommerce, when you have purchased the Webstore Connector for the software. They've been organized into 3 types:

  • AMBERPOS ONLY: These are required to be controlled from AmberPOS, and will cause problems with sync, or will be overwritten on BigCommerce.
  • CONFIGURABLE fields are ones that we can choose to sync, or can update from AmberPOS.
  • BIGCOMMERCE ONLY: No support in AmberPOS for this field, and must be changed on BigCommerce's control panel.


[Image link]BCProducts.png

Name (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the SKU description from AmberPOS.

Default Price (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the Regular Sell Price from AmberPOS.

Cost (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the List cost from AmberPOS. This field is only used for reference, and is not displayed for the customer

MSRP (Retail Price) (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the SKU's Regular Sell Price. This can be changed in the Setup->Stores->Attributes->Show RP Savings. If the Product's Sale price is less than the MSRP, it will display the difference for the customer with the MSRP crossed out.

Sale Price (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will Use's the SKU's Special Price. This can be controlled on a per SKU basis.

Tax Class (BIGCOMMERCE ONLY): Controls what kind of taxes get applied to the Product.

Avalara Product Tax Code (BIGCOMMERCE ONLY): Field used for integration with Avalara, more details can be found here: https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/article/Avalara-Avatax-Sales-Tax-Calculation

Categories  (CONFIGURABLE): Can be updated from the Web Info button in the SKU Info in AmberPOS.

Product Type (BIGCOMMERCE ONLY): Selects whether your product is physical or downloadable

Product Code/SKU (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the SKU number from AmberPOS.

Weight (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the Weight field from AmberPOS. This is used for shipping calculations on BigCommerce

Width, Height, Depth (CONFIGURABLE): If set to sync, it will use the Width,  Height, and  Depth fields from AmberPOS. Used to ensure accurate real-time shipping quotes.

Description (CONFIGURABLE): Can be edited from the SKU Web Info tab. This is where you would add more details about the product for the customer.


  • Free Shipping: Controls if the product's shipping is free or not
  • Fixed Shipping Price: Overrides the shipping cost calculations.


  • Message: Message that will display in place of the Add to Cart button
  • Release date: Date you expect the product back in stock
  • Remove pre-order status on this date:  Product will be changed back to Product can be purchased in my online store automatically on the selected date



[Image Link]BCImages.png


Gallery Images (CONFIGURABLE): Can upload images from the Web Info button from the SKU Info button.

Youtube Videos (BIGCOMMERCE ONLY): Lets you link youtube videoes for your products.


[Image Link] BCInventory.png

Tracking Method (CONFIGURABLE): Can be changed from either AmberPOS or BigCommerce, but should be changed from AmberPOS's Mass Upload window, or Web Info.


Options & SKUs



Options are (AMBERPOS ONLY)because we need to match the item structure in order for us to sync the SKU, and the Product.




SKU (AMBERPOS ONLY) Due to how orders get imported in Amber, and in order for sync to work, we have to control the SKU for options. 

UPC (CONFIGURABLE): Can be set to sync from AmberPOS, or changed manually on BigCommerce.

BPN (CONFIGURABLE): Can be set to sync from AmberPOS, or changed manually on BigCommerce. This is the SKU's Bin picking number.

Cost (CONFIGURABLE): Can be set to sync from AmberPOS, or changed manually on BigCommerce.

Price (CONFIGURABLE): Can be set to sync from AmberPOS, or changed manually on BigCommerce.



Product Rules (CONFIGURABLE): Hiding rules must be controlled by AmberPOS due to how item variation synchronization works. You can create your own rules such as Price rules / Image rules, as long as they include all options on the SKU.

Custom Fields



Custom Fields (BIGCOMMERCE ONLY): No support through API to upload custom fields.


Options & SKUs


 Still under construction

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