Sales Reorder


When in the recall transaction screen, you can click on the mceclip0.png button and to select the option for 'Sales Reorder'.




When the Sales Reorder screen appears, you can find transactions to reorder from two options.




a. If you type in the invoice number and then click on mceclip1.png then it will list items in the list ivew below that were on that invoice.


b. You can adjust the quantity for how many of the most recently issued transactions you want to have items listed for in the list view below.


Once items are listed in the list view, then you can adjust the sold quantity to reflect how many units you want to re-order in a new transaction.




You will then want to highlight which of the items that are listed, you want to be issued for reorder.  Do this in group by using the shift key, or selectively by using the Ctrl key.




When you click on mceclip3.png you will be returned to the transaction screen and see the same items listed for sale in a new transaction.




 From this point you can adjust the transaction as you would typically, though click on the mceclip6.png button to close out issuing the new transaction.



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