MEMOR10 Datalogic Button Layout





Charging LED - Indicates a green light when it is fully charged.  A red light indicates that the device is charging.

Good Read Indicator - Indicates the result of scanning a barcode to be read properly or not.

Touch Panel Display - Touch screen for user to use their fingers to navigate through the android device operating system.

Back - Navigate back from the last designated task on the device.

Recent - List recently open applications on the device that are running.

Home - Prompt the Home button to return to the desktop.







Power Button - Power off or lock the display.

Right Trigger - Prompt this button to influence the scanner to scan a barcode.

USB Type-C Port - Connect a Type-C USB cable to charge the device or connect it to the computer.

Volume Control Buttons - Increase or decrease device speaker volume.

Left Trigger -  Prompt this button to influence the scanner to scan a barcode.

Data Capture Window - Scanner reads barcodes by light emitted out of this window.  Do not look into directly with your eyes while the device is powered on.




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