Accessing AmberPOS to BigCommerce Integration

When managing records in AmberPOS relating to data on your BigCommerce webstore, navigate to the Inventory section of the software and select the Skus tab.  Click on the Import Skus button and then choose the option from the list titled 'BigCommerce'.



A new window will load that will display tools for managing your inventory's relationship to BigCommerce.  




1. Product List Views


Initially when the window opens the 'Web View' tab option will be selected.  This causes all products featured in the list view below to be records that exist on BigCommerce.  The blue color is also a visual que to this as BigCommerce data will be colored in blue, while AmberPOS data will be colored in orange.  You will see this when you click on the 'AmberPOS View' tab.




The different views will become important as you learn how to push or pull data between AmberPOS and BigCommerce, as well as view records that are linked between the two or not, and updating data in the different views as well.


2. Search & Filter


Type a value into the input field and then click on mceclip2.png to have the software search by all cells in the list view below for the first matching cell that has that value in it.  Click on the mceclip2.png button again to go to the next matching record after the first one.

Click on the mceclip3.png button to add a filter control to the column header of all fields in the list view below.




You can click on mceclip5.png to remove this filter control.  If you click on the filter button mceclip6.png then you will see a filter control window for that column.



adjust the check box values in the generated list of values and click the mceclip8.png button to make only the checked values appear in the product list views of this window.


3. Display Settings


The Shadow View control will have the default value 'Off', as well as the values 'Medium' and 'On'.  Either 'Medium' and 'On options will cause each record in the list view below to display text in the second row of that record.  'Medium' will make the data display with medium intensity.




Notice how the underlined instances in the image above have data displayed, while other instances do not.  The data that is displayed shows records that are linked.  While you are in the 'Web View' tab (See Section 1 above) it will display records that are on BigCommerce.  With the shadow view enabled, it will take records that exist on BigCommerce that are linked to records in AmberPOS and show the AmberPOS data for those linked records in the second row.  Records that are not linked will have no data to display.  Linked records are signified by the mceclip13.png symbol.

When you are in the 'AmberPOS View' it will list records that are in AmberPOS, though if you enable the shadow view control then linked records will display the linked web record's data in the second row.  linked records in this view will have a similar mceclip14.png symbol.




The 'Settings Control' will influence the window to allocate space to display settings related to your integration with BigCommerce. 




There are multiple controls here, though another article will detail these more thoroughly which you can find below.


BigCommerce Integration Settings and Preferences


The 'Item Details' will allocate space on the bottom of the window to display item variation data for a selected record in the list view.





 If you haven't already done so yet, then you will need to know how to upload records onto BigCommerce.  See the article below for how to do that.


Pushing Item Data Between AmberPOS and BigCommerce







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