BigCommerce Integration Settings and Preferences


BigCommerce integration settings are enabled as shown in the article below.


Accessing AmberPOS to BigCommerce Integration


The settings will establish three core properties for you.




1. Web Sync


There are fields in AmberPOS that will correlate to fields for linked records on BigCommerce.  The websync controls in AmberPOS will allow you to choose whether AmberPOS controls what the online value will be set to or not.  If turned on, then the value in AmberPOS will be reflected as the same value online for your products.  If turned off, then you can change the value of the record on BigCommerce without AmberPOS influencing it.  All influence comes from AmberPOS to BigCommerce and not the other direction for your product field values.

The first 9 values have 3 possible settings, while the last 4 values only have 2 as they cannot be configured 'On'.


Off - Stops the field from being controlled by AmberPOS.

Manual - Allows the value to be updated from AmberPOS, only if the record is re-uploaded manually.

On - AmberPOS controls what the field value is set to on BigCommerce when the user re-uploads manually, and as part of the background websync process.  You will learn about the websync process in Section 3 of this article.


An explanation to each of the synchronization fields is included below.


Names - The title of the product

Prices - The regular selling price

Cost Prices - The default price you pay to receive this item

UPCs - The product Barcode

BinNumbers - Item storage location identifier

QOHs - The Quantity On Hand

Brands - The name of the manufacturer

Weights - The scaled weight of the product

Dimensions - The width, height, and depth of the item

SKUs - The Stock Keeping Unit Number

Var. Prices - The price change based on variation of the item

Var. Weights - The weight change based on variation of the item

Var. Images - The image change based on variation of the item


2. Hide Columns


There are two options of controls in this tab.



As you can see in the image above, the 'Top Grid' options correlate to the list view on the top of the screen.  The 'Bottom Grid' options will influence the list view on the bottom of the screen (enabled for display by the 'Item Details' view control).  The controls for either the Top Grid or Bottom Grid simply allows you to control hiding a column displayed in that grid view.  This will allow you to hide columns that you do not want to view if that type of data isn't relevant to your inventory, or how you are looking at your inventory at that time.

Note that you can also click to hold a column header (left click) with your mouse and drag it into a new position to re-order which columns are displayed in which position.


3. LC Update


 LC - Local Copy of BigCommerce Information

The LC Database contains what data you have on BigCommerce.  The data is summarized into 4 categories of data types.



 If your server has a period of time where it cannot communicate with BigCommerce then the resources that communicate will be missing updates in that downtime.  In order to pull updates about your online data into AmberPOS, click on the 'Full Reload' button for each of the categories separately and wait for each process of fully reloading information to the server to finish before doing the next one.  After you have done this step for each of the categories, click on the bottom-right corner of the screen.




Additionally There are controls found below which are called 'Background Sync'.




 LC - Switch that when turned on will have AmberPOS pulling locally information about what new data is created on BigCommerce.

Web - Switch that when turned on, will allow product updates in AmberPOS to communicate to update linked product records on BigCommerce

Spd Opt - Turning this switch on will increase the resources for utilizing data displayed in this form.  Do not turn on for large inventory lists.

Delete LC DB - Drops all data AmberPOS has stored about data on BigCommerce.  All data categories will need to be updated after this has been done.


When the LC and Web swithes are turned on, you will see the following lights flashing green periodically.




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