Enabling Pagination

Pagination is a capability in the Version 2 of the AmberPOS and BigCommerce webstore integration.  Pagination is only enabled for stores that excessive inventory lists, and they want to restrict how many records are loaded at a time to be displayed in the integration form.  Pagination will make product data be handled in manageable volumes to increase system optimization.

First you will want to add an attribute in AmberPOS.  This attribute will allow you to specify how many products will be loaded at a time for the pagination.  Create the 'Store' attribute by the name 'Page Size' by the attribute type 'Integer'.




Edit the value stored in your webstore to the quantity of records per page you want to be displayed.




 Close and re-open AmberPOS after enabling this setting.  Once the software reloads, go back into the AmberPOS and BigCommerce integration window to see the new paging option.




You will notice that the filter options that were previously in this location are now removed.  Filtering isn't used in pagination as data is loaded by page, and filters won't be applied to all records when data is being managed in paged sections like this.  This will aid in excessive inventory lists where there are tens of thousands of skus and the time it takes to load data is too long, or the computer hardware cannot handle the requests.



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