Updating Item Details on BigCommerce

Editing item values both in AmberPOS and on BigCommerce are shown in the article below.


Accessing AmberPOS to BigCommerce Integration


You can edit an item's value in either the 'Web View'.




Editing Item Details


If you edit an item cell value in the Web View, then you are editing the property of the web item directly.  Double click on the cell and you will see it editable if it can be adjusted from this form view.




Once you have finished typing a new value, prompt the 'Enter' key on your keyboard to confirm the value.  You will then see a confirmation message of the change.




You can also selectively update the syncable fields list view.



If you double-click on the icon it will adjust to whether the values will be controlled from AmberPOS or not selectively for the individual item record.  This individual selective control is done just for the sale price or the QOH as shown in the images above.


You can similarly double-click to toggle on or off the following icon controls.


mceclip2.png - Controls whether the customer can see the product on BigCommerce


mceclip3.png - Controls whether the item is a featured product on the webstore


If you have a failed message, then likely the LC database is out of date. See the step for updating the LC database as described in the article HERE.

You may have an error message appear when just trying to start editing the field.




This message appears because you have the AmberPOS websync controls set to have the AmberPOS value reflect what controls the value on BigCommerce.  To bypass this and have different values on BigCommerce, then turn off the websync property for that field.

If Websync controls are set to have the AmberPOS record to control that value, then you can instead find the linked record in the primary AmberPOS software and adjust it there to change what it stores online.


Editing Item Variations


You can also adjust the dimensional variation for that item too.  Enable 'Item Details' to view the product variations and edit the values just the same.




 Editing Images


Item Details needs to be turned on to manage adding images.




 There are three button controls to manage images for a selected product on BigCommerce.



mceclip3.png - Click on this button to add an image to the product.  You can add multiple images to the product

mceclip6.png - Click on this button to adjust which image is the default thumbnail image when you have multiple images added

mceclip7.png - Click this button to remove an image that is assigned to the product online


 You can identify which products have images or not by the visual reference in the product list view.




 You can also add images for product variations by selecting an item variation and using the add image controls.




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