BigCommerce Pricing Structure

On BigCommerce there are price fields that data from AmberPOS can populate information to.




1. Default Price

When you upload a product from AmberPOS to BigCommerce, the value in the 'Regular Sell Price' field in AmberPOS  will populate in this price field online.  It is required that the product on BigCommerce has a value in this field online, so it will use the value stored in AmberPOS.




If synchronization settings in AmberPOS are assigned to control this value, then changes to this field in AmberPOS will update the correlating price on BigCommerce.  These values can be set to be independently controlled as well.


2. Cost

When uploading the product from AmberPOS to BigCommerce, if AmberPOS synchronization settings are assigned to control this price field online, then it will come from the List Cost field in AmberPOS.




This is an optional field on BigCommerce, so if AmberPOS is not assigned to control the value online, then the record on BigCommerce may populate with no value specified from the value in AmberPOS.



Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is an optional price field on BigCommerce and wouldn't populate a value from AmberPOS.  If you populate a value in this field online, it will show to the customer that they are getting a better price by purchasing the product for your price versus what the manufacturer suggests selling it for.




4. Sale Price

This price field will have a default sale price value that is equal to the Default Price.  AmberPOS will populate it as the same value unless an attribute (value="SalePriceToZero", Type="CheckBox", Location="Store") is enabled to influence it otherwise.   If the value is reduced lower than the regular price, then it takes priority over the item's price online.  In BigCommerce API 2.0 this will have no price slash comparison (as shown above) unless there is a price in the MSRP field that is higher than the sale price field.  In BigCommerce API 3.0 the sale price will have a price slash in difference to either the Regular sale price and the MSRP price.



With no Sale Price in AmberPOS, the Regular Sell Price will fill this field.  If a Special Price is populated in AmberPOS, then this will take priority.




5. MSRP Price to Zero


If the Special Price in AmberPOS is not populating online, then the individual record is not set to acknowledge the sale prices in AmberPOS, or the price discount rule in AmberPOS is not set to affect web items.

If you have a sale price value that isn't displaying a price slash online, even though it is lower than the Default Price, then the BigCommerce account is setup with API version 2.0.   In order to have a price slash, you will need to have an attribute enabled to copy the default price to the MSRP price field so that the difference of the MSRP to Sale Price values are reflected as a price slash.  An attribute will need to be created to enable this (value="Show RP Savings", Type="CheckBox", Location="Store").



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