Changing your Teamviewer Password

The Teamviewer Password by default will be a randomly generated value in many installation cases.  Assigning a static (not changing) password will be ideal to ensure that AmberPOS support can connect to the computer without requesting a new password multiple times.  To access password settings, first right-click the Teamviewer icon found in the bottom-right corner next to the computer's clock, and choose 'Options'.




It is possible that you may need to click on an arrow to reveal this icon.




Next, you may find the location to store the password in one of two places.  First, it may appear under the security tab as shown below.




If this is how it is presented for you, then you can simply type a password into both password fields and prompt the 'OK' button to confirm its input.  Otherwise, you may need to click on the 'Advanced' tab, and choose 'Show advanced options'.




Next, you will scroll down until you see a section titled 'Personal password' and you can then store the password and confirm its input.




Once you have stored a password, send the value you input to your AmberPOS support agent so they can use it to remotely connect to your computer.





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