Datalogic Factory Setup Guide

If your Datalogic DL-Axist inventory scanner gets reset back to manufacturer's settings or is a brand new device out of the box, then you will need to setup the device to work with 123Count. Please follow the instructions below for device configurations and installation.


1. Adjust Softspot scanning options

Choose the SoftSpot application to adjust it's controls of availability.  Navigate to the app drawer and select it from your available apps if you don't see it available immediately.



There are various settings to adjust for this application.  Enable Swipe to hide to the application can be closed effectively when you don't want to use it.



With this switch enabled you can place your on the application when open and flick it it in an upwards direction to minimize the application.



To open the application rest your finger on the top of the screen and slide it downwards to reveal the application to be selected for opening.



When the application icon is floating on the screen you can tap on it to prompt scanning of a barcode.


2. Scanner settings -> Setup


The DL-AXIST scanner can have some settings managed to assist your scan results.  To access these controls you can navigate to the the settings app on the device.



You may need to open the app drawer by clicking on the 2.PNG button and navigating through the available apps to find settings.  Depending on the version of operating system on the scanner the settings icon may be different.

eg. Capture.PNG


Navigate down the list of features in the settings application until you can select the Scanner settings.



Choose the options for Wedge.


This needs to be enabled so that scanned results will populate in 123Count or any other text field in the scanner.  Make sure that the check boxes shown below is enabled.

As of 2018-09-24, Only the "Enable Keyboard Wedge" needs to be enabled. "Enable Intent Wedge" has no effect on a successful scan.



3. Enable Symbology Checksum


If you are having issues with the check-digit not being scanned at the end of a barcode then you will need to enable a setting to include this character in the scan result.  On the inventory scanner Navigate to the settings as shown below.



Navigate through settings until you find Scanner Settings to select.



Navigate to open Symbology Settings.





Navigate and select the settings option for UPC-A



To Enable Leading Digit or Check Digit on a UPC code check the settings below.


Checksum is Check Digit(Last Digit) at the end of a UPC code. 059200708124

System Digit is Leading Digit(First Digit) at the front of a UPC Code.  059200708124





Navigate and select the settings option for EAN-13.



Enable the setting for checksum as shown below.



Now when you scan a UPC-A or EAN barcodes you will notice the additional character added to the scanned result.



4. Connect Scanner to Computer

Plug the scanner into the computer via the cradle or USB port.  Once connected, swipe-down from the top of the desktop screen on the device.


Tap on the option to see other USB options.


Check to enable "Media Device" so that the device is permitted for connectivity with Windows.


5. Install 123Count


In AmberPOS when you upload your sku information to the scanner it will also push the 123Count installation application.  This functionality can be found in Purchase Orders or in the Inventory Count.  


While you are managing inventory scanner devices in the software click on the button 8.PNG and you will be presented with options to manage the device.



Click on 18.PNG to upload your sku information to the scanner device as well as push the AmberPOS .apk file needed for installation.


If you attempt to upload the sku list to the scanner you may receive the following error message.



This message occurs when there is a conflict with the portable devices listed in Windows.  To help correct this issue you can open the device manager and remove all other devices aside from the DL-Axist.



You should have better success when attempting to upload the file after uninstalling these listed devices.  If you still have issues you can manually transfer the .apk file to the scanning device.  Open the Pacific Amber software folder in the file explorer and you will find the file available.  


AmberPOS Software location

32-bit:  C:\Program Files\Pacific Amber\AmberPOS

64-bit:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pacific Amber\AmberPOS


The file you want to transfer from the AmberPOS software folder to the scanner is titled "com.amberpos.inventorycount-Signed.apk".  While the scanner is connected to the computer you can manually drag and drop the file directly into the Internal Storage location of the scanner.



On the android device select the app drawer as shown below.



A list of installed applications will then be displayed.  Navigate through them until you find a 'file explorer' application like the one shown below.



You will find a file titled "com.amberpos.inventorycount-Signed.apk".  Select this file to install the 123Count application.



Choose the option to install after selecting the file.



After the installation has finished you can choose the option to open the application right away.



***Enter Key /  Carriage Return

If you're having getting the scan to get automatically inputted into 123Count, Go to Wedge, and change the Keyboard wedge input mode to Key Pressure. This changes how it inputs a scan into a text field, causing it to work if Text Injection doesnt.





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