Printing Purchase Orders

Using the purchase order screen, you can print or email a copy of your PO to send to your vendor.


1. Begin by opening up the purchase order window.

2. If there is no currently open purchase order,  select the order you would like to print and press edit_selected_order.png.



3. This will take you to the purchase order information screen (you will also be at this window if you already had an open purchase order). From here select the order_and_receive_tab.png tab.



4. This will show a list of all the items already added to your purchase order. Press print_reports_labels_button.png



5. Then select On Order Report from the popup window that appears on the button.



6. Once your report is displayed, you can choose to print, email, or export it using the menu at the top of the screen.





Purchase Order Guide


Article written with AmberPOS version

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