Issue: Code Not Found (Adding Check and/or Lead Digit for Unitech PA962)

Common causes of "code not found" error during inventory scanning:


1. The first cause is that the SKU you are scanning is not in your SKU list on the scanner, or the SKU list has been been properly uploaded.

To properly upload your Skulist, see Uploading a Skulist to Your Inventory Count Scanner.


2. The second cause is that your SKU options in the scanner are not matched with the UPC associated with the SKU in AmberPOS. All UPCs are made up of a main body of numbers with a check and leading digit to either side of the UPC. The UPC number associated with your product in AmberPOS may or may not include these numbers, which can cause errors if your scanner does not match your data.




Step 1. The Lead digit occurs before the main UPC body.

Step 2. The main UPC body

Step 3. The Check digit occurs after the main UPC body.


3. Both the Lead and Check can be edited in your scanner to be included/excluded during your inventory count. You must determine whether the SKU in AmberPOS is or isn't using the Lead and/or Check in it's UPC to properly matchup the settings in the scanner.


4. Once you have determined whether the SKU is using a Lead and/or a Check, you must enable these options accordingly in the scanner. To do this, turn on your scanner and access the scanner settings. (To turn on the scanner, see the Unitech PA962 User Manual for details).


Scanner Settings for Unitech PA962 Scanner:



     Step 1. Tap the Start menu in the bottom left corner, then tap Settings

     Step 2. In the drop down menu from Settings, tap Control Panel


Scroll down the Control Panel menu until you see Scanner, then double tap on the icon.



In  the Scanner Menu under the Settings tab, open the Barcode Symbologies directory by tapping on the crosshair.JPG beside it.



Scroll down to find your respective UPC type, in this case the example will be UPC-E.


     Step 1. Open the sub directory for the UPC by tapping on the crosshair.JPGbeside it.  (Sub directory options for every UPC type is the same as the example shown).

     Step 2. Tap the square.JPGbeside Transmit check/leading char/digit to enable/disable scanning the check or lead digit depending on your UPC in AmberPOS as shown in the barcode example above in step 2.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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