Datalogic DL-AXIST 123Count Installation

This article provides information about how to install the 123Count application on your android device.  In AmberPOS when you upload your sku information to the scanner it will also push the 123Count installation application.  This functionality can be found in Purchase Orders or in the Inventory Count.  


While you are managing inventory scanner devices in the software click on the button 8.PNG and you will be presented with options to manage the device.



Click on 18.PNG to upload your sku information to the scanner device as well as push the AmberPOS .apk file needed for installation.


If you attempt to upload the sku list to the scanner you may receive the following error message.



This message occurs when there is a conflict with the portable devices listed in Windows.  To help correct this issue you can open the device manager and remove all other devices aside from the DL-Axist.



You should have better success when attempting to upload the file after uninstalling these listed devices.  If you still have issues you can manually transfer the .apk file to the scanning device.  Open the Pacific Amber software folder in the file explorer and you will find the file available.  


AmberPOS Software location

32-bit:  C:\Program Files\Pacific Amber\AmberPOS

64-bit:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pacific Amber\AmberPOS


The file you want to transfer from the AmberPOS software folder to the scanner is titled "com.amberpos.inventorycount-Signed.apk".  While the scanner is connected to the computer you can manually drag and drop the file directly into the Internal Storage location of the scanner.



On the android device select the app drawer as shown below.



A list of installed applications will then be displayed.  Navigate through them until you find a 'file explorer' application like the one shown below.



You will find a file titled "com.amberpos.inventorycount-Signed.apk".  Select this file to install the 123Count application.



Choose the option to install after selecting the file.



After the installation has finished you can choose the option to open the application right away.



IMPORTANT: Make sure to adjust the device scanner settings to have successful scan results.


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