Transfer Request by .CSV file from Scanner/File

A transfer request is meant to transfer inventory from one external business location to another. Do not confuse this request with an In-Store Location transfer which is meant for transferring items between locations in one particular store.


1. Fill out the excel form:

-  In column A, type in the SKU(s) to be considered in the inventory transfer (include dimensions if they exist).

-  In column B, type in the quantity each respective SKU.



 2. Select File in the top right corner and then Save As from the drop down menu.



3. Save As Menu:


      Step 1: Type in the name of the .csv file that you are saving.

      Step 2: Click on the Save as type: field and from the drop down menu select .csv (Comma delimited)

      Step 3: Select Save to finalize the .csv file changes.


4. Select OK for the first warning prompt.



5. Select Yes for the second warning prompt.



6. Login to AmberPOS and access the Inventory menu.


7. Overview of Inventory menu:



      Step 1: Select the Transfers tab.

      Step 2: Select the Transfer Request tab.

      Step 3: Select the New Request option.


8. Select Scanner / File in the bottom left corner. 



9. Select Load List From File.



 10. Locate the directory of your .csv file that was saved earlier and select it and then select Open. Your list of SKUs should automatically appear in the transfer request in the AmberPOS software. 



 Article written with AmberPOS version



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