Recording PO Invoice Payments

Once you have made a payment on an outstanding invoice, you can record that payment in the the Vendors' Invoice tab.


1. First, Log into AmberPOS and then access the Vendors menu and then select the InvoiceButton.PNGtab.



2. Next, either use the top screen to select the vendor whose invoice you have paid, or simply check the Show All Vendors checkbox to display all invoices in the lower window. You can click any of the columns to change sorting options if you wish. 



3. Select the invoice from the lower screen by clicking on it.



4. Now use the payment panel on the right side of the screen to record your payment.


           Step 1. Payment Reference: Key in the reference or authorization number for the payment (for example a cheque number). 

           Step 2. Amount Paid: If only one PO is being paid, enter in the amount paid. If there is more than one PO being paid, the amount field will be                                            automatically filled in.

           Step 3. Date Paid: This field will display a drop down menu, from here select the date at which you paid off the PO.

           Step 4. Press SavePaymentButton.PNG once you have entered in all your information to insert your payment into the window at the left. Once you have completely paid off a purchase order it will disappear from the window upon exiting it.






Adding New Invoices

1. You can also manually add an invoice that isn't tied to a purchase order using the invoice panel on the right side. Enter your invoice information then select Add New Invoice to create a new invoice or Resave Invoice to adjust an existing invoice.



2. Type NewInvoice and press the OK button to create a new invoice




Purchase Order Guide


Article written with AmberPOS version


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