Creating Quick Launch Buttons

 Creating quick launch buttons is a 2 step process:

**Note** You require administrative privileges to access "Setup Quick Launch".


 Step 1: Creating the button(s)

Quick launch buttons let you quickly add frequently sold items to a sale. To set up quick launch buttons, select the Setup QL option from the transaction screen.





You will need to create a new tab for your buttons, enter a name into the field and press create_button_2.jpg.



If you use "Main" as a tab name, it will show up as the default tab in the POS window.  Instead of the Miscellaneous tab.



The button designer window is split into two main parts. The various controls are on the right side, while the blank canvas on the left is where you will be creating your buttons.



Press add_button_button.png and then click anywhere on the blank canvas to the left to add a new blank button. You can resize the button area by clicking and dragging the box on the bottom right corner of the button area. When you select the empty button, the menu on the right side of the page will change to a list of options for that button.


Action: Determines which action will occur when the button is pressed. (Quick Launch Button Options)

backColor / fontColor: Select the colour used for the button background and text.

font: click the _...__button.jpg button in this field to bring up a menu for selecting font options

Image: Select an image from your PC to appear on the button.

Location, RotateAngle, Size: Options for positioning your button.

text: Which text will appear on the button.




menu_closeup.jpg            example_button.jpg

The options entered on the left will create the button on the right. When pressed during a sale, this button will automatically add SKU 1042 to the transaction.


If you have more than one button on the same tab, the align_button.png button will help you line them up with each other.

When creating a button that has letters in the SKU please use all capitals.


 Once your quick launch buttons are complete, you can expand your quick launch menu by clicking Expand QL



An alternative option is to click Setup QL again, and then change the zoom level to a smaller %, simply designate a smaller % and then exit the Setup QL window by click the X in the top right corner of the window, no saving is required.




Step 2: Quick Launch Button Options


Click for a guide on advanced quick launch options



Revised 27/03/2014



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