Quick Launch Button Options

Quick Launch Button Options

You can create quick launch buttons to automate many different functions in AmberPOS (see: Creating Quick Launch Buttons). The following options are some commonly used functions. Note that all commands are entered into the "Action" field during quick launch button setup.

All Numbers(0-9) and capital letters (A-Z) are accepted, rest codes can be found here:



{OemOpenBrackets}{Divide}{C, Shift}ASE{OemCloseBrackets}      will return:       [/Case]

{Oemcomma, Shift}{OemPeriod, Shift}       will return:          <>


Insert SKU / Code into Sale

Type in a SKU or code, and the button will enter that information into the "Enter SKU/CODE" field of the sale window. Put "{Enter}" (without quotation marks) after your SKU and the button will automatically add the item to the sale. For example 1024{Enter} will add SKU 1024 into the transaction.  If there are letters in sku codes they should be capitalized in the action field.


Add Item with Negative Quantity into the Point of Sale screen.


Replace 1000 with your desired SKU.



Tare Weight



This will ask you to put an item on the scale to set the current tare weight



This will use .5 lbs or .5kg as a preset tare weight



This will remove a tare weight of .100 from total weight and add the item 1640 into the POS.


Tare weight article


Change Customer

To change the currently active customer during a sale, use the action: <member ID>{Enter} and the current customer will be changed to the one corresponding to the member ID you entered. Example:

C1465{Enter} will change the current customer to the customer with member ID "C1465".


Shortcut to the Customer Label Module



Auto Discount Buttons

To automatically discount the current transaction by a set percentage, you would use the following syntax: {F2}<discount amount>{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter}, with the discount amount being the percentage discount. For example:

{F2}5{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter}  = 5% Discount

{F2}10{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter} = 10% Discount

{F2}20{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter} = 20% Discount


/Discount All Items/



Auto Select Payment / Transaction Type

You can automatically select a specific type of payment, or a special transaction type by using: {Payment}PaymentTypeOrTransactionType. For example:

{Payment}Visa = Visa Payment

{Payment}Cash = Cash Payment

{Payment}Park = Park Transaction

{Payment}Quotation = Quotation Transaction Type


Change to Different Tab

If you have multiple tabs set up for quick launch buttons, you can create a button to automatically select a specific tab by using the option: {TabPage}TabPageName where "TabPageName" is the name of the tab you want to access. For example: {TabPage}Propane will switch to the "Propane" tab.

If you name a tab "MAIN" then it will appear to be selected always by default when you open the AmberPOS software.



Recall transaction





{ExitReports} Closes the report module after it brings up the quicklaunch report in the Point of Sale screen so it cannot be adjusted in the background.


Change clerk





Local pick-up button


This will change the shipping address to the customer ID 1-1 shipping address. This is usually the thank you customer.



Create a shortcut for a report.



{Report}Sales By Clerk{Query}Till Name = [TillName]{BackDays}30

{Report}Inventory By Department






Default Miscellaneous Buttons







Gift Card/Certificate

Open Gift Card Module

{F12, Shift}

Clear Out All Items

Remove all items from the transaction screen

{F11, Shift}

Change Description

Modify item with custom description

{F10, Shift}

Paid In /Out

Open Paid in / out feature

{F9, Shift}

Insert Blank Line

Insert a blank line above the selected item

{F8, Shift}

Change Ship To Address

Change the ship to customer assignment

{F7, Shift}

Rental / Reservation

Open resevation module screen

{F6, Shift}

Gift Registry

Open the gift registry module

{F5, Shift}

Sales Return

Open the sales return screen

{F4, Shift}

Transaction Attributes

Open window for transaction items custom notes

{F3, Shift}

Web Store Management

Open webstore transaction module

{F2, Shift}





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