AmberPOS Software Update Notes



- Updated Day End to remember last state of Day End by Store, Till\Dept or Cashier. Next time you reload AmberPOS it will go back to the previous saved option. 

- Added Anniversary=True to Attribute of Date so you can do Birthday = True which will allow you to do discount to current Month and Day discount rule.

- Added Sell Through by Product Number & Description Report

- Added Transfer Unit Cost and Transfer Line Cost to the Outgoing Transfer Listing, Transfer Summary.

- Fixed Quantity on Hand issue on the Inventory Over Maximum Qty report.

- SKUList_codeonly will now be generated automatically when trying to upload skulist to scanner.

- Time Card Query by Memo and Total Hours.




- Fixed Issue if store credit was imported before year 2000 was not properly being recalculated it now looks at transactions starting year 1800.

- Fixed bug with very long product numbers causing issue when recalling the Print AR Statement.

- Added search by single column in Web GUI Console.

- Added QOH=0 Blue Triangle to the Track Inventory Column and also QOH=0 to Filters as well in the Webstore GUI 2.0.

- Fixed WorkOrder issue with Special SKU not automatically assigning a SKU when you save the WorkOrder.

- Fixed bug on webstore item QOH sync on items that did not have QOH update turned On.

- Fixed bug where AmberPOS would crash when you scanned UPC into QOH box

- Fixed bug where deleted departments would still show in the General Ledger screen when no other SKU data was linked to them.

- Added Match By Name and Clear All was added to the Import SKU, Vendor and Customer screens

- Added fix to handle images with whitespace in image names for webstore.

- Added Type-in Confirmation for adjusting points value in history sales.

- AmberPOS now reloads saved SKU Queries on AmberPOS Startup. These SKU Queries are also in Red Color Now.

- Added Category Rename function in new WebGUI. Also fixed item copy to clipboard for only items that are filtered if a filter is used.

- Add Color Coded Date Markers in Recall transaction Window for 30, 60 and 90 days of outstanding AR. An extra column called AR Days added as well.

- Added [TotalSoldItems] to invoice message to show total sold items excluding QOH=0 Items.

- Added Invoice PO Number and Store Credit to AR Detailed Statement Report.

- Added BinNumber to Inventory and SKU Tab Query.

- Added numeric entry box for Dim Sort value in either up or down direction.

- Added AmberPOS=0 and WEB=0 to Web Image Sorting. This will allow you to filter images that do not exist in AmberPOS or on the Web.

- Fixed Sales Analysis by Sku Consolidated report quantity calculation

- Fixed Serial number bug with multidimensional items

- Fixed a bug in the WebStore GUI 2.0 when you have <iframe> video links in your HTML Descriptions. It would crash the Web GUI with errors.

- Added Invoice Return Date to the return module. Also added "MaxReturnDays" Attribute to trigger return message. MaxReturnDays needs to be an Integer type.

- Added color to Default\Null selection values when matching columns from excel file for import.

- Fixed Dim Group\Alias import to force Upper Case Dim Alias upon excel import.

- Added AR Group and SubGroup to customer Excel Import and Update.

- Added AR Date and Note to AR Balance Import.

- Fixed Single Item Webstore Window as it was freezing up.

- Added Web Item URL's to the Mass GUI 2.0

- Added Vendor Account number to the list view on top.

- Fixed EAN upload issue for Big Commerce

- Updated the top 3 Non-System attributes that show after item description to be able to show multi-line attribute values all on one line.

- Added Bin# to transfer reports.

- Fixed Multi-Monitor Focus issue of Web GUI Window when you unplug 2nd monitor in a Multi-Monitor setup.

- Fixed mouse over pop up in the PO list view to show items in a PO properly.

- Added GTIN and MPN import from BigCommerce when importing Items into AmberPOS. You can also Upload GTIN and MPN to BigCommerce as AmberPOS syncs this data now.

- GTIN and MPN numbers can now be imported by an excel file into AmberPOS or can be manually entered into the UPC Lookup.

Fixed layout of dimensional items on PO On Order Report to show more then 20 dimensions across.



- Fixed the Transaction and Payment Details Report to show the proper total numbers with 6 digits after the decimal, prior to this it would only show ###### if the total was more then 3 digits after decimal point.

- Updated backup scheduler service to work with .Net 4.0
- Added BigCommerce API Count to Web GUI 1.0 and Web GUI 2.0
- Split the SKU Listview attribute count option between back end and front end.
- Fixed transaction highlight bug in the POS Recall transaction window.
- Fixed Issue with creation of Webstore LC Database.
- Added new feature, Quicklaunch Button Query for POS Inventory. Add this statement into the button action box "{SkusQuery}DepartmentClothing" First - part is the query command and the 2nd part is the name of the query you presaved in the POS query builder. No quotes are needed.
- WEB GUI 2.0 will now save the sort order of columns and form sizing as well.
- Updated how HTML description is exported from Web GUI 2.0
- When using Bigcommerce API 3.0 the weight, height, width and length is uploaded to Big Commerce from the daughter SKU in a Container SKU setup.
- Updated Sync notification at the bottom of AmberPOS.
- Fixed issue with Webstore not assigning the default category when uploading an item via the single item webform GUI 2.0
- Fixed SKU save bug which was popping up a time discrepancy error when trying to save a SKU.
- Fixed bug with web track Inventory
- Updated Category menu in GUI 2.0



- Fixed refresh issue with the Item Discount Rule editor

- Fixed mouseover for webstore pending orders in GUI 2.0

- Filter by Query in Point of Sale SKU Lookup.

- Updated AmberPOS to use Crystal Reports SP31

- Added "Has Image" to the SKU Window Filter by Query function

- Fixed GUI 2.0 Bug with save button disappearing for HTML Description.

- Added PO receiving total and posted total to the PO listing view.

- Switch 111, will remove the customer name from PO report if the item was added from a Special Order.

- Added item weight to Purchase Orders.

- Fixed Layaway QOH issue

- Updated the custom form to properly show the selected item on the label.

- Default file extension for report or invoice exports is now PDF.

- Added Autosave to baskets\kits when adding items.

- Fixed category window in the Web Gui 2.0

- Updated column layout for Web Gui 2.0 to have the web sync options more visible.

- Added weight, width, height and depth to the SKU label maker options.

- Fixed Container Pricing which wasn't pushing over to Big Commerce in new GUI 2.0

- Added Multiselect in Advanced Taxes so you can now delete multiple rows.

- Fixed PO permission issue that would allow you to create Auto Add PO's for other stores even though you don't have permission to access those stores via PO permission.

- Added new quick launch button to access the customer label program via {MailingLabel}

- Added multi discount rule deletion function. Logged in user must be administrator to work.

- Added Switch 109 which removes shipping from the bottom balance of the invoice and adds it as a line item at the top.

- Fix bug with Auto Reorder by Min\Max when SQL 2019 is used as database Engine.

- Made an update to put the Consignment vendor at the top of the list in the SKU picklist.



- Added default Big Commerce category option to the new Web GUI 2.0 - Also changed the Web Info window to auto select the current item for easier upload.

- Change wording on Payment Reference from "Required Reference Text" to "Enable Reference Text".

- Added Switch 108 which will add Serial numbers to the Receiving, Posting and Inventory by SKU Reports.

Fixed the sort order on the receiving window and the purchase order reports to show in the exact way it is shown in AmberPOS. If you sort the order of your items it will reflect this on reports as well.

Added Switch 107 for Auto Zooming of reports when previewing and printing through Crystal Reports.

- Fixed customer sales total recalculation as it was not showing the transaction count properly when choosing a date range.

Added option {ExitReports} when creating a quick launch report button in the Point of Sale screen to automatically close the reports screen so it can't be adjusted by clerks.

Updated character limit of the SKU entry area in the Special Price rule editor for single SKU rules.

- The check mark option for "Update same SKU On Order in this PO with the above settings" to keep the last used setting on this computer.

- Updated manual AmberPOS backup process so you can force a backup but you can still use AmberPOS at the same time.

- Updated SKU image box to a bigger size and changed the buttons to mouse over.

- Added Export of SKU images from AmberPOS to local file folder.

-Added ‘Customer Type’ as a query option for the Transactions & Payment details report, Transaction Details and Payment Details reports.

- Updated the excel import function to work with Office 2019 or without prior installation of Microsoft Office on the same computer.

- Added transaction PO# to 3" receipt.

- Added CustomerType as a column in the Customer Export CSV and  added Notes and Attributes to the Vendor export as well.

- Added Switch 106 that will have a popup if the QOH is less then the Pending web quantity to let you know the store is out of store based on web sales.

- Adjusted the invoice item decription to add more text on same line.

- Added Dim Groups and ‘Web Item’ columns to the query builder in the SKUs tab.

- Added ‘Web Item’ as a column in the Purchase order Post screen

- Added ability to delete quotes by voiding them and also added "No Quotation" option in the Transaction Type dropdown on the Recall transacation window.

- Added Landed Cost to Sku discount rule editor

- Added PENDING ORDER SKIP TAG as an attribute for webstores to skip any pending orders for QOH calculation when uploading to Big Commerce. Mainly used for skipping pending orders from Amazon that have been imported via Big Commerce. When the attribute value matches the Big Commerce order reference tag then this will activate this function.

- Added WebOrder column to Inventory Item & Lookups list view to show pending web sale quantity. (Any item that is not yet invoiced from web sales)

- Added new report called Location Catalog Listing by SKU & Dimension.

- Added Purchase Order Attributes as a query option for the PO reports.

- When adding items by reorder point in a purchase order, a prompt will appear at the end of the process asking if you want to add quantities for all store's reorder points to the PO or just the current store.  If all stores reorder points are added, then the quantities needed to be ordered are listed by store location as well.

- Changed the Adjustment Report to state "SKU Import" when updating QOH with file imports.

- Changed Big Commerce integration where it will no longer upload UPC numbers that are generated in AmberPOS that start with 4 as these are only usable within AmberPOS.

- Created a new webstore attribute "SalePriceToZero" (Setup as Checkbox) which will zero out the Big Commerce sale price to zero when a sale price expires and both Global Sync Prices is ON and Sync Special Price is ON in AmberPOS. Default value was to set the sale price to regular price so we knew that the price was updated from AmberPOS.

- Fixed the issue of allowing empty spaces before and after values in the Description, Brands, Attribute, Dims and Dim Categories fields to be imported. These blank values were causing issue with web uploaded items.

- Added function to update SKU Reg Price when importing items into a PO.

- Changes to Blackline Payment integration include: Print receipt from AmberPOS in case of no printer on the pin pad. Query transactions when disconnecting or internet problem. Dayend close batch. Request and response log.

- Added Epson Printer option to the printer control codes options.

-  Created a new attribute that when checked on it will NOT show these SKU's in Day End. SKU Attribute is called "Hide On Dayend" Create as checkbox.

-  Added the paid in/out reason to appear on the printed receipt copy (Full size and 3-inch).

- Changed the color of the OK button to green on the change due screen to make it more clear how to start a new transaction.

- Enable sku attribute 'Hide On Dayend' as a checkbox to hide sku return value from displaying on day end report.

- Added a button into the Customer window for all important AR reports.

- You can now change the display order of customer types.



- Added the Web Item column to the Purchase Orders Order & Receive tab

- Added QOH to Restock by… reports.

- Added sold price column to the Who Bought This Item tab under SKU's

- New backend switch to turn off same product number notification if you want multiple SKU's with the same product number in the SKU listing.

- Added customer phone number to the recall transaction screen.

- When scanning in a password into the password field it is now hidden.

- You can now create an employee attribute called Onetime as a checkbox. When this attribute is checked ON it will disable the reminder to sign in. By default if you don't have this turned on it will prompt for timecard signin if the user was logged in within the last 40 days.

- Removed the multiple running instance popup on the bottom right of the screen if you try to run more than 1 instance of AmberPOS.  Instead it will now pop up a window in the center and notify you in a quicker manner.

- Added a new switch that will now round an items fractional penny price to 2 decimal points and then multiply the quantity to get the total price of the item. Vs default of multiplying the item by quantity and then rounding to the nearest penny. This usually only happens when discounting by percentage and a half penny price arises.

- Added a cash drawer test button and print last invoice button to the printer setup tab.

Fixed a discrepancy caused on android scanner devices that didn’t allow quantities to be manually input into AmberCount

Redefined the Received Purchase Orders Summary report to only have the usable query options, Order Name, PO Vendor, Invoice Number and Posted.

Added switch 101 will allow you to add a line break per Item on an invoice or a 3 inch receipt.

Added switch 102 to show customer points total on full size invoice.

Packing Slip will now have a signature visible same as invoice if captured by signature pad. 

Add Variance by SKU and Variance by Sku & Dimension report buttons to the View/Apply Results area for the Inventory Count Tab.

Added new feature which allows you to query filter the SKU list tab.

Added AR Group name to AR Statement Report

Added Customer Since and Last Transaction to the excel export for Customers

Removed Message in the Advanced layaway that said "Quantities cannot be negative!" when trying to change the quantity of an item which has current QOH in the negatives as this will not allow you change the layaway quantity.

- Added 'Payment Type' column to the Print Multiple Transactions screen.

- Added Full Dimension names into the Sales by SKU & Dimension report.

- Created new function for Attribute "Default Clerk Username" where you can specify a different clerk then the cashier when your logging into the Point of Sale module. Link to article on how to set this up is here.

- Changed the SKU BuyBack feature to allow changing the price but only to lower then what is entered in the backend of the SKU info.

- Changed sorting order for Customer ID, so that they're treated like Numbers instead of a String, in Customers Listview.

- Add # of Items Queued To Print to the Transaction Custom Form window.

- Added pop up to the Transfer screen to notify you if you try to add a non active SKU into a transfer.

- Removed report called Customers AR Statement Outstanding Only and added one called Customers AR Transaction Listing as this report is better suited to show outstanding invoices with AR per customer.

Updated import by customer feature to verify if a customer type is found if not then AmberPOS will ask the user whether they want the software to auto-generate the customer types from the file import.

Added coordinates to the label\form maker module.

- Added report called Customers AR Statement Outstanding Only, which only shows outstanding invoices on the AR statement.

- Added option for background color to Label Design maker.

- Added query for Order Date, Shipping Date, Distribution Date and Cancel Date into the PO On Order Department & Order Date report.

- Added Custom PO Report Designer

- Fixed a preview issue with the label maker not showing proper information.

- Added product number to the RAW Data export of the Serial Numbers Activity Report.

- Added Transaction count totals into the Taxes by Shipping State, Shipping State & City and Country reports and also made the amount of characters for the Shipping State more.

 - Added a function that will keep last checked or unchecked order status for Webstore orders.

 - Fixed a bug where the Item Price rule delete button was missing.

- Added "Report Gross Profit %" into Query of the Inventory by Report.

- Added Custom AR Rate for Customer AR calculation.

- Extended the length of the webstore setup attributes input boxes.

- Fixed a bug with points rules which were not applying points on webstore imported transactions.

- Added partial approval logic for 

- Added automatic void function when backing out of payment.

- Added new 2019 Splash Screen on the load up of AmberPOS.

- Adjusted the 3" receipt to display the barcode and the Big Commerce transaction number within the borders of the receipt.




- Changed the gift receipt check box to a button in the transaction preview screen so you can print gift receipt's separately. And also removed a blank spaces after each item on a gift receipt.

 - Updated Quickbooks IIF GL export file to work with Quickbooks 2019 and also added two more date formats for GL Export Date Formats.

 - AmberPOS will now restart the POS_Scheduler Service every time it opens on the server computer. This was to make sure that after windows updates, or any other problems, it would keep the backups running.

 - Permission added to allow positions to add more than 250 dimensions to a dimensional group. This was designed to keep dimension groups within the size limit for BigCommerce's options.  Restriction applies to importing dimensions as well as creating them in the inventory->Skus section.

- Added Brand into the Detailed Sold Item Listing report.

- Fixed a bug when entering partial quantities without a leading 0 wouldn't input the intended amount.

 - Fixed a bug in the backup procedure where it wasn't cleaning up the backups after 30 days.

- Fixed a bug where sometimes the screen would not resize properly and stays small when loading up AmberPOS

 - Added Tax Exempt into the Customer Export Query Builder

 - Packing slip has been returned to the original invoice format, and the modified version will be available when switch 031 is enabled.  New format has taxes removed, bin number added, displays different order of columns, and doesn't display backorder quantities.

 - Bin picking number has been added to the inventory snapshot query window.

 - Add permission to not allow selling deselected dimension Sku's.

 - Add Webstore Attributes in Setup->Stores->Attributes now adds the required attribute fields in compliance with OAuth Bigcommerce integration.

- Fixed bug with BIN# in the Inventory Count screen when trying to do a snapshot.

 - Updated payment type names to French when you use Quebec as a province in your store settings.

- New tax reports by Shipping Country, Shipping State and Shipping State & City are now available under the Sales > Taxes by... Reports.

- Fixed issue with reports getting unfocused and going behind AmberPOS.

- Added button to clear out attribute values in the Attribute creation area.

- Fixed a bug with Inventory by SKU Report where a query for "On Sale=True" was not working properly for items that have Prices Include Taxes checked On.

- Added Vantiv\Worldpay transaction ID into the recall transaction screen so you can copy it easier when processing a return.

- Added Tip Functionality to Moneris integration. You must create the TIP payment account and then when you process a transaction with a tip it will add the payment on to MC\Visa\Debit and then tip will go into the TIP account.

- Added return reason into the POS, when processing a sale it will now use either the transaction reason or the return reason based on weather you are doing a return or a sale.

- Added Packing Slip Message from the Messages tab under stores.

- Added Invoice and Internal Notes to Special Order Screen with the ability to update the notes.

- Added PO Receiving Set Date to Special Order Screen. Added Ability to Multi-Print Special Orders from the Special Order module.

- Added Suggested Min, Max and ReOrder Point, Current Vendor PO Alternate Vendor Price to PO Item list view screen.

- Added Top 5 Attributes to the PO Item list view screen as well.

- Added SOLD Date and Time to Auto Add Query when adding items to a PO with Auto Order function.

- Customer comments on BigCommerce transactions will now import into the Invoice Notes field in AmberPOS.

- Day End saved by store now displays the name of the user who last saved the record in the bottom right corner of the screen.

- Added Outlook 2016 email attachment integration. Added a switch to turn on a feature to ask for email address when one is not populated under customer account.

- Added ability to import % amount into consignment SKU's

- Doubled the Customer and SKU lookup timeout period.

- You can now designate which printer AmberPOS uses to send commands to open up the cash drawer. Previously it was dependent on the assignment of the invoice printer.

- Reprint to select printers (Switch 026), will detect another printer to print to if the full size report task has a different printer than the invoice.  For instance if you have invoice designated to Generic Text Only printer, and the full size report task to a full size document printer, the reprint to select printer will list both the Generic Text Only printer and the full size document printer for its options.

- Added Customer Type to query for the Points Activity report

- Fixed bug with Catalog listing by Product Number report that had a decimal point value in a SKU Attribute.

 - Added ability to add Customer fields into the store invoice message. Some Example fields are "[FirstName] [LastName] [Name] [Company] [Address] [City] [CityProvZip] [ProvState] [Country] [PostalZip] [MemberID] [Phone1] [Phone2] [CellPhone]"

- Made Invoice Due Date as an available field in the custom form.

- Fixed bug with Catalog listing by Product Number report.

- Customer Comments on BigCommerce transactions will now import into the Invoice Notes field in AmberPOS.

- Day End saved by store now displays the name of the user who last saved the record in the bottom right corner of the screen.

- Added button feature that allows you to clear out all attribute values assigned to an attribute.  Access this feature in the Attribute creation area (Setup->General Settings->Attributes).

- Added store switch 99 to allow the removal of Store ID from the transaction number on the invoice receipt.

- Added Elements transaction ID into the recall transaction screen so you can copy it easier when processing a return.

- Added Tip Functionality to Moneris integration. You must create the TIP payment account and then when you process a transaction with a tip it will add the payment on to MC\Visa\Debit and then tip will go into the TIP account.

- Added return reason into the transaction screen.  When processing a sale it will now use either the transaction reason or the return reason based on whether you are doing a return or a sale.

- Added Packing Slip Message to the Messages tab (Setup->Stores->Messages) so you can have a custom message appear at the bottom of each packing slip..

- Added Invoice and Internal Notes to Special Order Screen with the ability to update the notes. Added PO Receiving Set Date to Special Order Screen. Added Ability to Multi-Print Special Orders from the Special Order module.

- Added Suggested Min, Max and ReOrder Point, Current Vendor PO Alternate Vendor Price to PO Item list view screen. Also added Top 5 Attributes to the PO Item list view screen as well. Added SOLD Date and Time to Auto Add Query when adding items to a PO with Auto Order function.



Updated the Purchase Order module to be able to have 2 of the same items in the PO with different item notes. It was overwriting all items with the same notes before.

Added support for Crystal Reports Service Pack 21.

Added the ability to import Categories through Mass Upload window for Bigcommerce Integration. Using a CSV file, we can import categories based on WebID, and what you want the Category+Subcategory to be.

Changed how rental items work

- Average cost on rental items is now 0.
- To use rental items properly, create two SKU's receive inventory into first SKU, then make a 2nd SKU which will be used as a rental SKU item.
- You will not be able to add Rental items to a PO or add them into special orders
- Once items have history you can't convert them to rental items.

Added Rental Agreement to the invoice printer options, so now Rental Agreement transaction will print out using invoice printer.

Added ability to multiprint invoices and packing slips from the Webstore Management Module

- Added Employee Email to List view under Employees

- Added new feature for Scales to handle UPC and EAN barcodes properly with options to adjust the format in the general settings tab

- Added ability to show Multi-Store quantity on each item. even if the quantity is not merge from all stores with the webstore.

- Bin Picking Number now available in AmberPOS and can be downloaded while importing SKU's from Big Commerce.

- As of this AmberPOS Version you can now show Attributes in the HTML Suffix instead of the product number. Click Here for the link to the article.

- Added HTML_Prefix to the webstore module, so now you can have an HTML Prefix or HTML Suffix.

- Added HTML Upload option into the webstore Mass update right-click tab so you can upload the HTML Descriptions to your items if you are using HTML Prefix\Suffix.

- Added Web Only NON inventory Options. So you can have an option on an item in AmberPOS but not in AmberPOS during transaction.

- Added new columns into the Inventory Tab - Dim. 1 Description, Dim. 2 Description, Dim. 3 Description, Dim. 4 Description, Season, List Cost, Tax 1 and Tax 2.

- Added Avg Cost to Inventory Tab and also Bin Picking # to Import Attributes drop down in the SKU's Tab.

- Added a switch that can be enabled for dimension groups so that they only prompt on the web.  This is for non-inventory dimensions so that they do not appear at the transaction screen in AmberPOS and only trigger online.

- Added mouse-over for Item description and Quantity on Order to PO list screen

- Added option to Split Inventory Tracking by Product or Product Options or none at all on the Web info screen for Big Commerce items. 

- Changed the Payment Details report to count Points as Dollar Value instead of points redeemed.

- Lookup for zipcode server is updated to

- AmberCount software has been updated to show SnapShot QOH and an option to save to multiple batch files to the scanner has been added as well. It will start with invent.txt then go to invent1.txt > invent2.txt, invent3.txt and so on. This function is only available on the DataLogic Axist Inventory Scanner.

When uploading the SKULIST, it will now give you the option to upload the snapQTY.txt file with the snapshot quantities on the DataLogic Axist Inventory Scanner Only.

- Added Web Item = True or False into qualifying reporting queries, so now you can query(filter) your web items in your reporting.

 - Fixed Bug with Load List From Scanner where some quantities were doubled up in batches. It was only an issue with Jan 20th version after the QOH update was made.

 - Added F Key Menu back into the Top of the POS Customer Screen as it disappeared in recent versions. Sorting for Columns is now working properly again with F1, F2, F3, F4, F6, F8, F9 F10, F11 and F12

- You can now load up a website link by adding a web URL into a text Attribute and double clicking on it.

- Removed ability to update BigCommerce Live store from the Training Database.

- Add Company Name to the Special Order Report in reporting module

- Inventory Value Detail By Sub Department report has been optimized to load faster.

- Fixed issue where some web Categories were not saving on the web and some were disappearing.

- Weight, Width, Height and Length were added to the SKU Tab and will now be able to sync to Big Commerce. You will first need to enable sync "From AmberPOS To Web" in the  Web Sync Configuration tab under the Big Commerce Mass updater module in AmberPOS.

- Added Partial QTY to the Inventory Transfer reports and also the Inventory Adjustment Details report

- We updated the SKULIST upload process to now have a pop up if you would like to upload the Snap Shot QTY for the Datalogic Axist Scanner and the SKU QTY per SKU for the Dolphin Scanners.




- Added ReOrder point to query for the Inventory Over Maximum Qty report. Now you can set the reorder point >0 or 1.

- In the Prices tab under SKU's, the Basket\Kit SKU items screen has been expanded and a Save Button has been added.

- Added a notification at the bottom of the Webstore Mass update window to show last full LC update status and also last partial LC update status. 

- Extended the number of characters from 50 to 100 for the first name of a person when importing transactions from Big Commerce.

- Added Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and YT buttons to the Vendor Invoices tab to quickly sort Vendor invoices by each quarter of the year like Q1 is Quarter 1, Q2 is Quarter 2 and YT is yearly total.

- GL Export will include data for missing  GL accounts (eg. "Men's Clothing(Account Missing),-10.00").

- When AmberPOS tries to create a new SKU using the SPECIALSKU feature and the SKU pattern is used up, a new message will now show up instead of just a general error.  The message reads, "Please check SKU creation pattern, as the current one is used up".

- Added two Reports ‘Quantity Sold By SKU’ and ‘Quantity Sold By SKU and Dimension’.

- Added shortcut keys for Customer Screen 'F6' and CRM 'F7'

- TriPOS Service for Elements Payment Processing will now start if it is stopped when loading up AmberPOS. 

Street address added to the list view under Vendors.

- Created a new Aged Receivables report listing multiple customers per page.

- Added item disclaimer to the packing slip.

- Updated Customer AR Statement to have Store Credit at the bottom of the report.

- Added Special character ability to Webstore so characters like the OMEGA sign can now be in the description and not cause havoc for item syncing as options were being dropped.

- Added hours and minutes to the time card report.

- Itemized receipt copy printed from AmberPOS includes the Order ID for transactions processed with Worldpay.  This allows to have both the transaction ID and order ID available on itemized copy as they are both needed for returns with Worldpay.

- Added support for serial numbers in the Web Store Management screen when importing orders from Big Commerce.

- When you select an inventory item and click on "Web Info" the Item Information screen will now update the Weight unit to the units assigned to the store on Bigcommerce.  The possible values are Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms, Grams, Tonnes.

- AmberCount converted to run on Android Inventory Scanners.

- "Season" added to Query in the Selective Snap Shot under Inventory Count.

- Extra Digit added to the price of an item so it will no longer get stuck on 99999.99

- Updated F Keys inside the Customer screen from F1 to F12

- Editable baskets will now have employee permissions so differing users can be permitted to this feature.

- New permission added for not allowing Item deletion in the POS screen.

Report Changes on the Detailed Item Sales Analysis by Vendor. Added background color to totals column, aligned the Total QOH with item QOH, Sort by Vendor, then Description, then Dim 2 then Dim 1 then Dim 3. Added Web Item = True/False and Sold = True/False.

- New version of AmberPOS requires .NET 4.6.1 to run properly Click Here to Download .NET 4.6.1

Added Web Item query into the Sales by SKU report.

Added a new function that uploads the special price from an item in AmberPOS from the Base Special Price Sku's attribute and adds it to the 'sale price' for the linked item on Bigcommerce.

- Query Condition Operators now display the operators description, when mouse over.

- Can now change the name of existing paid in/out reasons in the store management section.

- Automatically will install .Net 4.6.1 and Crystal Reports SP16 if previous version is not installed.

- The popup message "500 Points ready to redeem!" points value has been changed to “minimum points to redeem” instead of hard-coded 500 points.

- Internal notes and invoice notes query option added to Transaction Details Report.

- Focus changed to dim description instead of alias after add button pressed for add dimensional values. Also changed that dimension creation function to focus on the description box instead of the alias box after clicking the add button.

- Dimension description and alias will now be visible in the dimension group view again but the A-Z button will need to be pushed to refresh the view and make them visible.

- Changed name of AmberPOS permission “Recalled Transaction” to “Recalled Outstanding Transaction”. This refers to recalled outstanding layaway and special orders on POS screen, not historical finalized invoices on recall transaction screen.

- New update to AmberPOS gives you an option to either upload Selective Snapshot SKU list or the Full Inventory SKU list to the inventory scanner.

- Depending which switch is turned on 23 or 24 on you can now calculate your margin based on List Cost or Average Cost. It will now show the one that is turned on in the POS list view window.

- Added a way to cancel out of the Multi-Printer window in the recall transactions screen.

- Webstore sync for Rules has now been split into 3 separate sync options. Price Rules,  Weight Rules and Image Rules separately.

- Added new feature that allows users with container SKUs on BigCommerce to discount the items in the container. This is achieved by adding a special price rule in AmberPOS for the members in the container that you would like to discount and then re-upload the container SKU to the web. This will change the price on the web to the new special price. It will not show the customer the discount they are receiving on BigCommerce, this will only update the price as if it was the normal price.

New update that imports the customer information properly from the Big Commerce Bill-to into the AmberPOS Bill-to customer info and then the Big Commerce Ship-to customer info will be populated in the transaction it self and updated on the customer Ship-to address.

LC Database now auto-shrinks every minute.

New update to the Dimension Group view which will now show how many dimension Aliases are present in the current group and also the Dimension listing will now show how many SKU's are using this dimension and how many use this on Big Commerce.




- When starting AmberPOS it will now check if SQL Server is running and if not it will now auto start the instance.

- Parent \ Daughter SKU association available for dimensional skus.  A customer wants to sell one (10 pack) of Medium Shirts and one (SINGLE) medium shirt as well, so in this case they need 2 SKU’s. If you sell a medium size in the daughter SKU it will now transfer the quantity from the medium size Parent SKU.  Must have identical dimension group association in both skus.

- Email address has been added to the Customer AR / Store Credit Report.

- Windows 7 can now properly format the font size to display properly in the list-view.  Problem prior where the font changed though the lines would not.

- Adjusted the Detailed Item Sales Analysis by... and Item Summary Sales Analysis By... Reports to have proper Consolidated totals at the bottom.

- Added a new attribute called “Disable UPC Validation”, check-box store attribute.  If this is set to “ON”, then it will disable UPC validation, i.e. the 1st value from InventoryLookups table will be used as a web UPC value (regardless if it is a valid UPC or not) and uploaded to BigCommerce if UPC synchronization configuration is set “From Amber To Web” in mass update form.

- Update to the Multiple Print Menu will now give you options to print Packing slip and Gift Receipts and Transaction Item Note to be displayed in the list view as well.

- Added Last Received Date, Last Sold Date and Last Sold Age Days to the Query for the Detailed Item Sales Analysis By... and the Item Sales Summary Analysis By... reports.

- UPC Sync Function added to Big Commerce Integration.

- Attributes with a long list of items will now be displayed as a full list instead of a scroll bar.

- Added City \ State lookup by zip code on the Customer input screen.

- New Tare Weight option added into AmberPOS.  Now you can sell items that have a Tare weight for the container and during the sale AmberPOS will subtract the Tare weight from the total item being weighed by scale.

- Webstore Threading has been moved down to 5 as a default value which can then be increased if needed.

- .Net 4.5 Update in AmberPOS will now make the font look a bit different under Windows 7 in AmberPOS.

- Email Subscriber and Mail Subscriber are now by default NOT checked on. The store clerk should verify if a customer wants to be on an email list and check these options ON manually.

- Added Customer Type to the POS screen below the Store Credit, AR Balance and Points area.

- Dimensional Price rules now affect the basket/kit builder in Amber. 

- When importing SKU's with blank Vendor and Department AmberPOS will not create a Vendor called "No Vendor" and a Department called "No Department" and make those as default values for any blank Vendors or Departments upon import.

- Changed the report Customer Listing by Dollar Spent to show transactions by store only not by customer created in.

- Added a warning message when copying two layaways into one invoice that if you delete an item from one of the layaways it will void the layaway.

- Non-inventory options and option type support has been added for importing items from Bigcommerce to Amber.

- For Penny rounding, when you press the Insert Key it will not populate the cash tender to the nearest .5 so $40.43 will now be $40.45. All other payment types will still be original amount.

- New “View Costs” permission: if checked off, list cost and average cost will show blank or zero on screen and reports.

- Two new reports: “Detailed Item Sales Analysis By” and “Item Summary Sales Analysis By”.

- New backend Switches 89 and 90. Switch 89 will popup  the Transaction Attribute form at the end of the transaction before the payment window. Switch 90 will add the full dimension description to the item description on 3" Receipt and Invoice.

- Web Mass update screen has some GUI changes and will now refresh in real time if any item related changes are detected.

- New function to create automatic Container Link SKUs from a Dimensional SKU. This feature is available under the Edit Items Window. Once this is created Adjust QOH has to be clicked to moved the QOH over.

- Some GUI layout changes in webstore integration mass updater: new toolbar was added to the bottom area.  The toolbar buttons are enabled/disabled based on the selected tab and selected columns in the grid.

- Switch 092, Will automatically uncheck “Discount on Reg. Price” when using discount QuickLaunch buttons. E.g. {Discount}All10%

New Store attribute: “HTML Invoice Note”. Text in HTML format, will show on invoice as additional note, above the “ship to” address.

- Added Phone Numbers to Print AR Statement report.

- DIM Values display order now supported from Amber to Webstore.  If you change the display order of DIM values in "Inventory Settings -> Dimension" tab, the online display order will be updated. NOTE: Not automatic. Click refresh on mass uploader and re-upload one item from the DIM group.

- "QOH Below Minimum QTY" added to Inventory tab query.

- New Feature which allows you to print multiple label types one type after another. ie. multi-page(label) signature form.

- Search function added to dimensional rules (price, list cost, weight, web image), so you can find rule names that "contain" the value you are searching. 

- Added three columns into listview for the "Order&Receive" tab in purchase order process.  Allows efficiency to sort skus imported from inventory scanner so the user can easily remove items intended to be imported into another purchase order.  Added columns titled "Primary Vendor, Alternate Vendors, Alternate Vendors Product Numbers".

- New tab “Images” was added to BigCommerce mass update form under “Edit Web Items” screen.  This tab provides functionality to associate and upload new images for items and also for editing existing item images, e.g. set default image, delete image.  “Edit Web Items” tab is visible to Administrator user since web skus can be deleted from Bigcommerce in this feature.

- New Attribute that acts as a Special Price Rule, called [CustomerType]_Price. It can be found here :

2 new attributes have been added:

[CustomerType]_Price - Special Price by customer type. Eg, VIP_Price, BandEdge_Price. We won’t auto create special price rule any more.

Base Special Price - Use this attribute instead of creating special price rule per Sku. Removed SpecialPrice column from Sku import template.  Import to this Sku attribute instead.

- New version of AmberPOS released which requires .Net 4.5 Windows XP and Server 2003 are not supported supported beyond this version anymore.



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