Alternative Vendors

Alternative Vendors is found in the Inventory Skus section.  Navigate to  then  and select an inventory item.


Under the  tab scroll to the very right and you will see where you can manage alternative vendors.


See the fields below for information about how to populate Alternative Vendors.

A) Click this button to add a new Alternative Vendor entry.

B) Click this button to remove a selected Alternative Vendor.

C) Click this button to assign a vendor name for a new Alternative Vendor entry.

D) For a selected Alternative Vendor, type their product number for the product into this field.

E) For a selected Alternative Vendor, type their list cost for the product into this field.




Make sure to save the SKU to confirm the new Alternative Vendor entries.


When the product is added to a purchase order, if the purchase order is referenced to a vendor name that is an alternative vendor for the product, the alternative vendor product number and list cost will populate in the purchase order for the item.


Importing Alternative Vendors


Load the software into Training Mode to test importing prior to doing so in the live database.

Download the spreadsheet HERE for a template to populate data into for importing Alternative Vendor values.

In AmberPOS navigate to  then  and select the  button to access the option for importing Alternative Vendors.

You will update the select box fields to identify which column in the import file matches to the Alternative Vendor field in AmberPOS.

Press  when you have finished associating the data to the correct fields.  You can then navigate to the inventory item items to see the imported results.




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