General Ledger Guide



AmberPOS can produce a General Ledger files that can be selectively imported into an accounting applications.  The data that is generated is based on business to customer sales data that is posted in your day end (cash out).  Files are generated in a specific format required for importing into either Quickbooks, Sage, or Peachtree.



//NOTE: The image above has just sample account numbers.  The account numbers you use will vary depending on the setup in your accounting application.


Populating General Ledger Accounts

In AmberPOS you will populate your chart of accounts before you can produce a general ledger file.  These accounts are required and are resourced from your accounting application.


Creating a Monthly General Ledger

A daily general ledger file is produced when you save your day end totals. 


Generating a monthly General Ledger file:

A monthly general ledger file can be produced in AmberPOS.  The monthly file is a summary of all the daily entries for a given monthly period.  When producing the monthly file you will not be importing the daily files as the monthly file summarizes the daily entries for a given month.



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