Creating a Layaway Transaction

You have the option of doing a Layaway payment at the point of sale screen to process a transaction. A layaway allows you to lay the product away and set it aside from the quantity on hand of the SKU to re-access it at a later time for that particular customer who wishes to pay it off fully at a later given time.


1. Login to AmberPOS and access the POS screen.


2. In the customer window that appears, select the customer for the layaway transaction. (Cannot be "Thank you Customer"). If you have not created the customer yet, see adding new customers.


3. Overview of POS Screen:


      Step 1: Enter a SKU into POS to process a transaction (See: Making a Detailed Sale)

      Step 2: Select the green Payment button.


4. In the Payment Screen, select the Layaway option, then click Complete Transaction.



5. - To receive the payment for the layaway after it has been processed through the payment screen, see: Receiving Outstanding Payments.

    - To void the layaway after it has been processed through the payment screen, see: Voiding a Layaway.

    - To complete the layaway,you must pay off an outstanding payment even if it is $0, select the outstanding payment and select the recall_transaction_button_2.png button. Complete the transaction as normal, see: Processing Payments.




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