Unitech PA962 Memory (RAM) Setup

1. To ensure your Unitech PA962 terminal has enough memory for proper usage, first turn on your Unitech Terminal by pressing the power button located in the image shown below.



2. Your screen will load and show Windows CE 5.0 with AmberPOS count shown on the desktop.


3. Access the options for memory by first selecting windows_ce_start_menu_icon.PNG in the bottom left corner.



4. Next, select Settings, then control_panel_in_windows_ce.PNG



5. In control_panel_in_windows_ce.PNG scroll down until you see thesystem_icon_in_windows_ce.PNG icon and select it by double clicking.



6. In thesystem_icon_in_windows_ce.PNGmenu, select the memory_tab.PNG tab near the top of the screen.



7. Slide the indicator to the general position shown in the image below (3/4 to the left side) for the memory settings to be set in the ideal functional condition.



8. Your devices memory settings are now complete. Select ok_in_windows_ce.PNG near the top right corner to exit.




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