Creating a Shortcut to AmberCount on the Unitech PA962 Terminal


1. To create a shortcut to AmberCount for your Unitech PA962, first turn on your Unitech PA962 Terminal by pressing the power button located in the image shown below.



2. Your screen will load and show Windows CE 5.0 with AmberPOS count shown on the desktop.



3. Select My Device by double tapping the icon on the desktop screen.



4. Scroll down in the My Device menu until you see ambercount.PNG,  to access the options for it, tap on it once and hold down until a drop down menu appears.



5.Tap on Copy in the drop down menu.



6. After you have copied the AmberCount Icon, tap x.PNG in the top right corner to return to the desktop screen.



7. Tap anywhere on the desktop screen and hold until the drop down menu appears. Then select Paste Shortcut.



8. The shortcut to AmberCount should appear on your desktop and appear like the image below:



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